“Power Up” is a children’s audio stories ministry of the General Sunday School Division of the United Pentecostal Church International whose purpose is:

  • To assist parents by reinforcing Biblical values and principles via captivating music, storylines, and characters.
  • To entertain and to educate children of all ages, but specifically those ages 8 through 10, regarding the core values of Christian living.



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Director: Robbie Knox
Voice Drama: Robbie Knox & Tiffini Countaway
Production Technician: Amelia Robbins, Rick Phillips, & Tiffini Countaway
Recording Technician: Tiffini Countaway & Lana Farnell
Story Editor: Barbara Westberg
Concept Creator: Annette Craig
Media Mission: John Smelser & Norman Paslay II
Sunday School: Steve Cannon, Robbie Knox, and Donnie Sheerin
Music: Kim Ballestero
Hosting & Designs by UPCI.NET